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 Date :  09-Mar-05
     EDMS Integration
     Project Monitoring
Project Monitoring- From Today to Tomorrow

Project Monitoring – Guiding effective employment of EDMS

Project Monitoring services are important to ensure that employees are using the technology effectively, that the technology is serving the purpose for which it was implemented and that processes are shorter and more efficient because of the introduction of the technology.

The Spirit Group Limited:

Uses process and productivity measurements in this phase alongside the baseline created in the Requirements Definition exercise. This allows organisations to compare pre and post-implementation operations and match projected and actual ROI figures. Planning for other phases of technology implementation can also be achieved at this time.


Advocates that EDMS training be conducted at all phases of the project and additional and complementary training be sourced and supervised.


Provides post-implementation support in project issues, which require external intervention of a technical nature to bring it to resolution.
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