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 Date :  09-Mar-05
     EDMS Integration
     Project Monitoring
Consulting- From Why to ... Wow!

Problem Resolution Analysis -an understanding of the nature of the problem

Something’s not quite right. It’s beginning to affect the quality of your output and the efficiency of your delivery. Ultimately, it’s going to affect the level of satisfaction enjoyed by your customer base.

The Spirit Group Limited:

  • Conducts problem resolution workshops utilising methodologies such as pareto analysis, ishikawa, brainstorming – to identify the problem;
  • Undertakes research methodologies to remedy the problem.
Requirements Definition - identification of the appropriate technology

You’ve made the decision to invest in Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). Now what? The Spirit Group Ltd. defines the customer's requirements creating the baseline upon which the technology is implemented and monitored.

The Spirit Group Limited:
  • Collects detailed requirements of the system and analyses for a custom fit;
  • Conducts Requirements Definition Workshops utilising a mix of workshop sessions at which the project is scoped and defined;
    * one-on-one interviews with key personnel to identify role and determine process;
    * walkthroughs – which allows for the detail of the work process to be mapped and checked;
    * document analysis – provides for the counting of project documents and assignation of index fields.
Return on Investment (ROI) Analyses – quantifying the success

We believe that all technology implemented within an organisation MUST provide a return to that organisation in the form of financial, productivity, efficiency and process gains.

The Spirit Group Limited:
  • Conducts Return on Investment (ROI) analyses with information collected during the Requirements Definition exercise. These returns are quantified and submitted to the organisation’s executive management.
Strategic Information Technology (IT) Planning – optimising your IT resources

Strategic Planning is indelible part of an organisation’s annual calendar of activities. Often undertaken in isolation, plans fail to meet their objectives because they do not strategically plan the technological tools that will enable the organisation to meet its goals.

The Spirit Group Limited:
  • assists organisations in matching business objectives with technology enablers.

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