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 Date :  07-Mar-05
     EDMS Integration
     Project Monitoring
Meeting all your needs

Within each phase we have identified the foundation blocks on which our consulting activities are built and by which our performance is assessed.


You need:
  1. an understanding of the nature of the problem
  2. identification of the appropriate technology
  3. a plan identifying how technology will realise your business objectives;
We Provide:
  1. problem resolution analysis
  2. requirements definition
  3. Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
  4. strategic IT planning
EDMS Integration

You need:
  1. to have the project managed and co-ordinated
  2. to have your management and staff function efficiently during the transition and implementation periods
We provide:
  1. executive project management
  2. core project management
  3. change management services
Project Monitoring

You need:
  1. to have someone looking over your shoulder while the organisation switches from a manual to an electronic mode
  2. to have Systems monitored
We provide:
  1. project monitoring
  2. supplemental training
  3. support services

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   Statement of Beliefs
   "We believe that our company can contribute significantly to the business world because of the inherent 'goodness' of our products and services."
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