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 Date :  09-Mar-05
     EDMS Integration
     Project Monitoring
EDMS Integration- From Planning to Achievement

Executive Project Management and Core Project Management – managing for success

The implementation of EDMS solutions requires project management methodologies to reconcile all elements of the project and to ensure the achievement of project timelines and adherence to the budgetary framework.

The Spirit Group Limited: Uses true and tried project management methodologies both at the executive project management and operational project management levels to coordinate
  • hardware and software implementation
  • software customization
  • network testing and tuning
  • backfile conversion analysis
  • indexing
  • platter creation
  • database design and implementation
Change Management Services

Getting past the initial hurdles, technology projects can introduce dramatic change within an organization. Change must be managed as it often creates personnel and productivity dynamics: staff and management expectations, quality and efficiency targets.

The Spirit Group Limited:

Introduces into the project implementation cycle methods, which ease the tensions associated with dramatic changes and facilitate an easy transition into the new working order.

Backfile Conversion Analysis (BCA) - Protecting Your Resources

Backfile conversion analysis (BCA) is the assessment of historical documents within an organisation which are to be incorporated into an EDMS project by volume, type and document characteristics. BCA informs a plan for the most effective method of converting these documents into an electronic record.

The Spirit Group:
  • Defines Document Preparation, Scanning and Indexing methodologies;
  • Implements quality and productivity methods to ensure efficient conversion of these documents.
Disaster and Recovery Planning – Preparing for the Unimaginable

'Data' and 'information' resident in a company's documents contribute significantly to the intellectual property of that company and is an invaluable asset.

As such disaster and recovery planning for that resource must be comprehensively thought out and executed as part of the contingency activity to be undertaken during a disaster. In times of crisis or disaster, the objective must be to become operational in the shortest possible timeframe, and planning for the recovery of mission critical data is a key element. Disaster recovery is even more important in the post-September 11th events in the USA.
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