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AIIM Certification Training –MANAGE your emails NOW!!!!

Dear Information Management Professional,

The long awaited Email Management Training is here!  The Spirit Group Ltd. and its partner ILLUMINAT (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited will be hosting AIIM Certification – Email Management Training.

Scheduled Date:  October 14 – 17, 2008

Venue: The Courtyard Marriott, Invaders Bay, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Cost: US $ 1,750.00


The EMM Masters Programme is designed from global best practices among AIIM's 50,000 members. The program covers concepts and technologies for:

  • Email capture and retention
  • Technologies for email management
  • Email storage, archiving and backup
  • Developing, implementing, and managing the email policy
  • Governance

The Email Management (EMM) Master class is a 4-day event covering all EMM topics. It is comprised of 4 segments, STRATEGY, PRACTIONER, SPECIALIST and MASTER.

The EMM Strategy Workshop covers the business drivers for more effective email management, roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, and strategies for email management.


  • Business drivers for more effective email management
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Policies and procedures
  • Strategies for email management

The EMM Practitioner program covers the concepts and technologies of email management, such as classification, retention, governance, security, archiving, backup, tools and technologies.


  • How email works
  • What email management is
  • Managing the inbox
  • Email messaging applications and clients
  • Remote and mobile email access
  • Capturing and managing messages, attachments, and metadata
  • Email classification including auto classification
  • Effective email governance
  • Email security
  • Email management tools and technologies
  • Email archival approaches
  • Email and ECM

The EMM Specialist program covers global best practices for implementing solutions for email management as well as advanced email topics, such as how to identify requirements, develop an email policy, implement a solution, and alternatives to email such as instant messaging, wikis, and feeds.


  • How to develop a business case for email management
  • Defining the problem and planning the project
  • Building the right project team
  • Developing the email policy
  • Identifying and gathering requirements for email management
  • Implementing the solution
  • Long-term preservation of messages, attachments, metadata
  • Email and discovery
  • Instant Messaging
  • Blogs, wikis, and RSS feeds as alternatives to email
  • Web-based commercial email

The EMM Master Certificate Program comprises the main elements from the above strategic workshop and certificate programs in addition to a case study exercise. The course provides complete coverage of information organization and access for professionals working in both the public and private sector.


  • Participants will use their newly gained knowledge to plan, design, and implement an EMM project based on case study exercises and expertise learned from the Strategic, Practitioner, and Specialist Course programs.

AUDIENCE: The Email Management (EMM) certificate program is designed for;

  • Business Analysts
  • IT Management
  • Technical staff
  • Record Management personnel
  • Business Unit (line staff & management)
  • Implementation team - IT and business
  • Suppliers, Solution Providers, Vendors
  • Executives
  • Change agents
  • Users

For further information on Email Management please contact: or Ann-Marie Durrant (868) 622-0035 Ext. 2364.

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