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 Date :  07-Mar-05

The Barbados Light and Power Company (BL&P) has, after ten years of investigation, implemented EDMS technology in the Customer Services Department (CSD). BL&P recognized that the technology could solve the core business problems identified within CSD. Two problems were identified as major problems within CSD. They are:

  • Inadequate storage and retrieval and access to the SAME information.
  • Tracking of documents.

It was also recognised that the rest of the company experienced similar problems and it was felt that CSD would be used within the company to develop an enterprise template for the overall company. These decisions were made within the context of BL&P recognising that the competitive profile of Barbados has also changed, and that they are now experiencing competition in non-traditional areas.

The goals of the project are to make each interaction with customers will be a Positive Memorable Customer Experience (PMCE). This will be achieved by streamlining the filing within the department in a more efficient format, while creating a corporate template. It is imperative that there is an efficient access and retrieval of CSD documentation and a reduction in the time expended on non-value assed activities. This will be achieved by effectively integrating EDM into routine work processes so that the past investment in documents will be protected while at the same time reducing resources necessary to maintain documentation. This will increase availability and accuracy of CSD information and deliver a higher quality customer service product.

The Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd (BL&P) required an EDMS that would provide technology to capture, store and manage documents within its CSD, in addition to capturing its computer generated reports. This would create an electronic record of these documents for storage within an image repository linked to index data.

BL&P chose Illuminat (A Division of CCS) to implement a FileNET solution and sought the assistance of The Spirit Group Ltd. (TSG) in an Executive Project Management capacity. TSG worked with a qualified Illuminat Project Manager to ensure that the project was delivered on time and on budget and with the transparency required for effective project accountability.

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