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 Date :  07-Mar-05

The Life of Barbados (LOB) Company ( is one of the leading insurance companies in the Caribbean. It has business interests in several Caribbean countries and possesses sizeable assets through the aggressive acquisition of insurance portfolios. Over the last few years, the company has undertaken a close look at its geographic reach, its operational efficiency, and opportunities for delivering quality customer service to a customer base that is located in several island territories. This introspection has led the company to strategically focus on the application of technology as a business enabler and transformer.

One of the technologies that LOB is viewing as a key infrastructural enabler is Electronic Document Management (EDMS). Electronic Document Management technology will give LOBís employees regardless of where they are located real-time access to any information stored in a document repository. This instantaneous access to information and data immediately shrinks the distance between LOB and its customers, dramatically enhancing customer service and transforming the operational effectiveness of the company.

In order to plan the implementation, LOB carefully chose the appropriate business partners to assist with the achievement of their business goals and objectives. Illuminat (A Division of CCS) and its business partner The Spirit Group Ltd. (TSG) were invited in to work with the LOB team. TSG AND Illuminat conducted a Requirements Definition exercise and delivered a report, which has become the template for the implementation of EDMS technology throughout the LOB Company.

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