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 Date :  07-Mar-05
ILLUMINAT (A Division of CCS)

Illuminat ( is an organization formed from the merger of several information and communication technology companies within the Neal and Massy Group to position itself as the Total Communication provider with the capabilities of meeting the needs of clients regionally and internationally. Illuminat is know in the market for its services in two-way radio communication systems technology that link extensive networks of ATMs, Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) solutions, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions to name a few.

The Spirit Group Ltd. (TSG) has worked in a sub-contractual basis with Illuminat (A Division of CCS) in Barbados for just over three years from 1999 - 2002 specifically in the area of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). TSG has worked with Illuminat in the following areas of service provision:

  • Pre-Sale EDMS Support
    • EDMS Technology Presentations
    • Proposal Preparation
  • Requirements Definition Consulting
  • Executive Project Management

Pre-Sale EDMS Support:

TSG has supported Illuminat in the execution of EDMS sales initiatives by providing services in proposal preparation, sales presentations, sales planning and execution and sales team mentoring.

Requirements Definition Consulting:

One of the primary services provided by TSG is the delivery of Requirements Definition Services. In these sessions, work is done with the customer to determine their requirements and to match their business needs to the appropriate technology. E.g. Life of Barbados (

Executive Project Management:

The complex nature of an EDMS implementation requires that projects are stringently managed and executed. Two levels of project management are therefore put in place, core and executive project management. TSG has served alongside competent Illuminat project managers in the role of executive project managers on projects at the Registration Department of the Supreme Court, Government of Barbados, Barbados Light and Power Company.

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